Dollar Tree Grinch Christmas

Christmas will be here before you know it, and it is time to start planning your decorations. When I think of Christmas, I imagine Santa Claus and the Grinch. So, in this post, I’ll walk you through the steps of making this lovely Grinch Arm.


  • Candy cane from Dollar tree
  • Santa scarf
  • An Ornament
  • Red ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Swiffer mop head 
  • Car wash mitt


  1. The first step is to snip the end of the Santa scarf so we can slide it up around the candy cane form.
  2. Once I had that up there and made sure I had enough material, I cut the bottom off and folded under the fuzzy ends before hot glueing it together.
  3. Once that was done, take the red ribbon and tie it on the first rang above the end. So that we could have it there later and know that it was secure and would hold your  ornament.
  4. Then cut the bottom pieces of the candy cane from off, also do cut the ends off, so they didnt stick to your little glove, so it should be without prongs. 

5. So then  take  the glove and  cut it into what was five fingers, Shook off the fuzz again. Glued those together, expect for the left finger, and  left a little area in to stick the ribbon through. 

6.Set it aside and, once your fingers are open enough on the end, grab the red ribbon and pass it through the finger where you left the little hole to get it out the bottom. You are free to do whatever you want with this. So it’s a struggle to get those tiny figures onto the wire, which you left out. 

7. So, once you’ve got it on there, glue the top of the mitt to each of the wires and really push it in, so it doesn’t move.

8. Then pull up the Santa scarf, fold it in, and glue it down as close to the fuzzies on the car mitt as possible. So, once that’s done, make sure you get it in there well and that it doesn’t fall off.

9. Then, take the sweeper head and cut a strip out of it. (Use your fur if you have it).

10. So start from the back so there are no seams when you hang it up, and then hot glue it all the way around to create the fur on the end of the Santa suit.

11. So grab your fingers and string, then go ahead and put the ball on it at the end.  So it appears like  as if holding the ornament, tie it before cutting off the excess. Later, glue the small opening you left for the ornament to pass through. (Alternatively, a pipe cleaner could be used.  That way, you could sort of move it.



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